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Volkswagen Ignition Problem

What to do when your key stops turning

We frequently get calls about broken and faulty ignitions on Volkswagen vehicles. Well, we have good news – this is a fixable problem! People are often told this problem cannot be fixed outside the VW Dealership, and until recently that was the case. But our talented locksmiths have figured out the problem and how to fix it.

What happens?

When VW ignitions are broken, the fault causes the key to get stuck in one position. The key will refuse to turn no matter how much pressure you apply or how much you jiggle the key in the lock. Often it is stuck in the Off position so you cannot turn the key to the Accessories or On position to start the car or get yourself moving.

Sometimes, the key can get stuck in the Accessories position or even stuck in the On position with the engine running. This means the engine cannot be turned off short of disconnecting it under the hood. Not an ideal situation, especially if it happens when you’re not at home. If this happens, usually the key cannot even be removed from the ignition and is stuck in place. Check out the video below of a VW Golf 2006 model with the broken ignition. The key won’t go past the Off position because the ignition is broken.

This issue results from wear and tear on the ignition system over time. After years of having the key inserted, turned and removed, small parts within the ignition’s interior seize up. Unfortunately a repair doesn’t cut it in this case, and because of this the relevant ignition parts need replacement.

The Solution

The fault within the VW ignition requires the ignition to be removed and replaced. This is quite a lengthy process to remove and replace the broken part of the ignition but it can be done on-site (ie without moving your car to a workshop or auto garage).

We see this problem most often in Volkswagen vehicles made between 2000 and 2012. The following VW Models are the most affected by this ignition problem:

  • Golf
  • Polo
  • Amarok
  • Beetle
  • Caddy van
  • Transporder van
  • Jetta
  • Tiguan
  • Up
  • Sportwagen
  • Multivan
  • Eos
  • Rabbit

This problem can also occur in Audi vehicles. Details can be found on our Audi & VW Ignition Repair page.

Our locksmiths at Northside Car Keys are experienced in fixing this very common problem. Our mobile workshops are fully equipped to replace VW ignitions same day anywhere in Brisbane. The video below show the same VW Golf 2006 after Toby has worked his magic. (The steering column cover gets refitted after testing 😉)

If your beloved VW ignition is suffering, give us a call to get it sorted in under 2 hours. Contact us online for a same-day quote or call us on 1300 727 917

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