Replacement For Remote Car Keys

Investing in top-quality remote car key replacements doesn’t have to be a complicated, long-winded or expensive process. Here at Northside Car Keys, we understand that cars play an essential role in the lives of many people in the modern world, with many basic daily activities taking access to reliable personal transport for granted. Without it, things can quickly become extremely stressful. For this reason, we’re proud to be high-quality providing automotive locksmiths in Brisbane and we can help you get your remote car key replaced with complete peace of mind that when something goes wrong with the car keys, a swift and effective solution is never far from hand.

Need To Replace A Remote Key For Your Car In Brisbane?

If you’ve ever been stuck without the keys to your vehicle, you’ll know how frustrating it can be. Perhaps that is happening to you right now as you’re reading this. The good news is that help is not far away with Northside Car Keys in Brisbane.

We’re here for you in emergencies and non-emergency situations alike, and you can always count on us to get back to you quickly so that you can get your replaced remote car keys and continue with your life.

Get A Replacement For Remote Car Keys Online

Our team of highly qualified and experienced local car locksmiths have enabled us to build a strong reputation as one of the area’s premier providers of remote car key replacements and motorcycle key replacements. Our locksmiths are all equipped with superior quality tools and equipment and have all the latest training and knowledge to ensure that they can provide our customers with effective, reliable solutions with minimal hassle or expense. Consequently, we’re able to guarantee our customers swift and effective service every time, without ever sacrificing quality. Read More

Replacement Remote Keys For A Huge Range Of Vehicles

Whatever your reasons are for needing remote car key replacements, it’s good to know that we’re here for you. We can provide you with both genuine and aftermarket keys for a huge range of vehicles, and we take the time to ensure that everything is working as it should be.

Even if you lost your car keys, and you’ve no way of getting into your vehicle and bringing it to us, our Northside Car Keys mobile workshop can come to you and provide you with a replacement for your remote key. We use a keyless entry system for your car, and before you know it, your key will be made, and you can enjoy the freedom your car brings once again. If this has happened to you, give us a call on 1300 727 917, and we’ll get to you as soon as we can.

A replacement remote car key can also mean that when the time comes for selling your car, you may achieve more for it if you have two keys.

Similarly, if you have a car on a leasing scheme and the time for returning it is getting nearer, here at Northside Keys we can also help you to ensure that you give the car back with the same amount of keys that you were given so that you don’t have to face any penalisation.

What’s more, Northside Car Keys is often cheaper than going to the dealerships for a replacement remote key, meaning you can get the keys that you need and save money, so it’s a win-win situation.

Number One Place For Remote Car Key Replacements

There are many reasons you might require a replacement remote key. If your existing car key has broken and you’re currently unable to access or drive your vehicle as a result, our team can work quickly to provide you with a replacement and get you back on the road in no time at all. We’re on call 24 hours a day, so regardless of when you discover that you’ve got a fault with your existing key, you can always take comfort in the knowledge that we’re only a phone call away. It may be that your existing key simply has a fault which can be fixed, in which case we can work on the transponder and solve the problem without needing to make a replacement.

Alternatively, if you’ve recently purchased a second-hand car and you don’t have as many sets of keys as you’d like, we can provide you with as many additional keys as you require at a highly competitive price. Whatever the particular challenge you’re currently facing and whatever your preferred solution, our team of experts will be happy to work to your specific requirements and preferences and provide you with a service that is personalised to you.

Even if your keys are lost, we can arrange keyless entry systems for your car. We also can assist in programming or replacing your proximity keys and smart fobs to make your life easier.

See Why We’re Brisbane’s Leading Automotive Locksmith

As a leading automotive locksmith in Brisbane, Northside Car Keys is here for you, and even when it feels like you are facing the worst day ever, we can help to make it better. Our emergency service is available at any time, day or night, and you can have the reassurance that our skilled technicians will give you the solution you need.

Our team members have varied and in-depth knowledge about vehicular access, so no matter what make or model of the car you drive, contact us, and we’ll endeavour to help you.

For added peace of mind, why not read through our customer testimonials, and find out more about what our previous customers have thought about our services?

Contact us today by filling in our online form or by calling us, and you will soon have a remote key replacement that works perfectly in tune with your car.

Get In Touch Today To Order A Replacement For Your Remote Car Key

Simply get in touch with a member of staff today if you’d like to find out more information about who we are and how our services can help provide you with the car key solutions you require. We’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you might have, and to either arrange an appointment at a time that’s suitable for you or to send out our locksmiths on an emergency callout depending on your particular situation. Otherwise, you can just use the online form available here on the website and receive your free, personalised quote for a remote car keys replacement the very same day!

Why Choose Us for Fob Key Replacement?

When dealing with vehicle troubles such as a car remote key replacement, it's important not just to look for the expert but to find the specialist. If your mechanic is familiar with the brand, the tech, and the issue, then you'll very likely be fine, though it will probably cost you a hefty penny for your troubles. On the other hand, if your mechanic hasn't seen this particular issue before, especially if your car is a newer model, you might be taking a risk.

It's important to find a specialist with most things, but when it comes to key remote replacement when you have lost your car keys, it's crucial. A bad repair job is just more damage waiting to happen, after all. You may have heard in the past that the longer you leave vehicle damage untreated, the more expensive it becomes. While vehicle parts are built to be sturdy, they rely on the other parts around them working smoothly for a lot of their durability. Your catalytic converter might be sturdy, but without a muffler, it's not going to last long on the road. The same principle applies to other parts, including your ignition. Your damaged ignition might be slowly damaging the parts around it too; eventually, you might be facing a much larger repair bill than you could have imagined.

So, when looking for ignition repair or car remote control replacement, come to us. It's what Northside Car Keys specialises in, and have all the experience, equipment, and expertise to get the job done right every time. Your car remote key is in the best hands.

How Do We Operate?

Thanks to our mobile vans, we can handle any repairs and replacements needed wherever you are. Our vans carry any and all equipment we need for the job, so whether you need a key fixed or replaced altogether, you won't have to wait long for us to finish the job. Often, when you call us, we'll already have both key remote replacement and keyless remote replacement in our inventory, ready for programming. We carry enough different brands and models that it's rare for us to run into a vehicle we can't work with. If you were to search for smart car key replacement near me, we're likely to show up too. After all, we cover everything from standard cars, vans, and trucks to RVs and ATVs. We can even work with many construction vehicles such as forklifts and bulldozers. If it's on tyres, we're most likely familiar with it.

If we don't happen to have the right genuine car remote replacement in our inventory, we have a range of aftermarket car remotes too. While these aren't directly connected to your car's brand, they still work perfectly fine and are likely to last just as long.

Once we arrive, we determine whether the job you require is repairs or replacement altogether. If your original key is damaged but fixable, we conduct the repairs right there to save you time and stress. That often means we get you on the road much faster than any other company. If you need a replacement, the job is often even faster; we have all the equipment needed to program your new car remote replacements onsite too. Read Less

We can supply, cut & program remote car keys for the following vehicles:


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Thanks so much Jon for your reliable service. I was beyond stressed losing both my keys; I thought I was going to be in a world of pain dealing with the Hyundai dealership - not to mention the price they had quoted me. 10/10 service provided and I will happily recommend you to friends and family, an absolute pleasure to deal with

Joshua Curtis

Jon has given an excellent service , within 10 minutes he fixed the issue and he has the right skills and tool to diagnose the issue and fix it.


I had bought a VS ute and due to a series of unfortunate events found myself locked out. Called Jon and he was super nice and professional also very prompt. He easily supplied me with a brand new key and delivered it to me with no fuss at all. Would definately recommend this company to anyone and will use them next time.
Its so refreshing to find good old fashioned service in a rush rush world. 10/10 A+++

Jason Hibberd Strathpine

I'm Extremely grateful to Jon, for his assistance & technical expertise. I have a motorcycle which had only 1 key & I needed a spare that my immobilizer would recognize. NOT easy to come by without spending heaps of $$$$. Jon, Knows his stuff is Professional, considerate and helpful, I highly recommend him & his team. Thank you very much.

Imdad/ Griffin

Excellent, courteous and prompt service. No hesitation to refer Jon and his team to anyone with car key problems

John Grant

Absolutely terrific service!!!! Arrived spot on prearranged time, kept me informed prior to the job and when the job had been completed. Super nice person, polite, highly skilled, did exactly as he promised and proved me with new fully functional MB ignition key plus and emergency insert key, all within 1hr 15min. I am super happy and could not be happier. Thank you Jon!

Allan Mitchell, Hervey Bay 4655 QLD

Great job . A new key for my early model Statesman . I would recommend this company to anyone. Extremely happy .

Ken, Boondal Brisbane

Thank you for coming out the day before a public holiday. Reliable man. Friendly and honest. Thank you again

Chris, Redcliff

Northsidecarkeys were the best value quote I could find, one of the other companies actually warned that for that price they might not know what they are doing, but the keys were perfectly fine. They even delivered the key on the weekend to my car. They made the painful ordeal of losing modern car keys a bit less painful.

Anonymous, Ascot

Thanks Jon, for a quick response and excellent service. We’ve been meaning to get a second key for our car for some time and it couldn’t have been any easier. And service with a smile!

Matt - Bridgeman Downs

Prompt, friendly service and peace of mind knowing our car is now secure. Highly recommended.

Janelle - Norman Park

Cost Effective, Prompt, Efficient & Friendly Service.
Highly recommended to any other organisation that manages their own vehicle fleet on a day to day basis.

Joe Joyce, BMD Constructions - Port of Brisbane, April 27, 2018

Thank you Jonathan for your fast and friendly service. I will happily recommend your services to others.

Vanessa from Clontarf

Friendly and quick. Emailed Friday night. Keys and coding done Saturday


Had wonderful service.. highly recommended. They communicated effectively and constantly until the service was completed. Truly professional business which is extremely rare these days..... Price was also competitive. Thankyou and keep up the great work. 🙂

Jenni, Clontarf

We are extremely pleased with the service we received. You were punctual, friendly and the job was done to a high standard. The price was also reasonable and it was a pleasure dealing with Northside Car Keys. Thank you.


Fantastic, cheap and quality. Lost my only set of keys and now have 2 sets of flip keys that are much better than the factory junk! Thanks so much!

Marshall, Bracken Ridge

A pleasure to meet John and to observe how thorough and efficient he is. I would recommend him to anyone who has car key problems.

Konrad, Strathpine, February 3, 2018

Jon was super fast with gaining entry to our car and programming a key. Very efficient and a really nice guy as well. Highly recommend them for spare key or in our case, a replacement key.

Madonna, Chermside

Extremely satisfied he was prompt and friendly. Highly recommended

David, Raceview

Literally the best car lock smith ever, i have had many auto locksmiths come to cut and program a key for my VW gti, but they all failed, northside car keys were not only $100 cheaper, but really professional as well. He did not quit at the challange and did the extra work for free to make it work. Thank you very much, would recommend him to anyone and everyone.


My daughter lost her car key unable to get home and go to work when I contacted Northside car keys I was impressed with the courteous friendly professional customer service by Jon. With an already packed day he was able to alleviate my stress and get my daughter back on the road. I would highly recommend this company to everyone. Thanks very much Jon!


Fantastic from the get go. Great prompt response and service. Will definitely use again and recommend.

Greg, Murrumba Downs

Wonderful service great to deal with finished in 10min onsite great communication highly recommend


The service was excellent and very helpful. Great price would recommend Northside car key. Came to us. Best business.

Sharon, Banyo

Just wanted to thank Jonathon and Northside Car Keys for your fast work and professionalism! A late mid week phone call to you guys and by the next morning, you were here and the job done!! You were easy to deal with and I wouldn't hesitate in referring you or using your company again.

Jason, Brendale

Thank you so much for the fast and friendly service. It was great to be able to get someone to help in such a short amount of time. Certainly appreciated as I was stranded, also 8.5months pregnant which is not a perfect time to get locked out of your car! Thanks again