Replacement key for new Range Rover Evoque






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Update: JLR 2021+ Replacement Keys

Replacement key for new Range Rover Evoque

We have some great news for Brisbane Land Rover owners. As of now, Northside Car Keys can replace proximity keys for all JLR vehicles up to current date manufacture, even when all keys are missing or stolen. This is a major upgrade on our previous ability to create keys for vehicles only up to year 2020 manufacture. Additionally, technology upgrades mean we can now simplify the key replacement process, saving time and money for our clients. There are genuine and aftermarket key options for most models, giving JLR owners more choice when it comes to spare keys.

What’s Changed?

We are privileged to have become an official JLR Independent Provider. This means we have access to the JLR dealer software and programmer, enabling us to emulate their process using genuine parts. Since we are a mobile business, we can bring the JLR workshop to you without need for any towing.

The best news is that we can do this without the 6-8 week wait for new keys that the dealership offers. We are keeping all genuine and aftermarket parts in stock to get JLR owners sorted in as little as 1-2 days. The Aussie JLR dealerships are often bound by a restrictive ordering process, creating a long wait for their customers to get their car running again. Thanks to Topix and a little know-how, we can get these vehicles back on the road much more quickly.

2022 Range Rover Evoque drivers side dashboard with new smart key on seat.

Pictured: 2022 Range Rover Evoque replacement genuine key after all keys were stolen. Service included rekey (change) of physical lock to completely secure the vehicle.

We keep a range of genuine JLR and aftermarket JLR proximity keys in stock. A few factors influence whether we can offer your vehicle an aftermarket alternative, including: –

  • The model and year of your Land Rover
  • Type of KVM/RFA module
  • Whether your need is for a spare (secondary) key or all keys have been lost or stolen
  • How your original keys were set up – ie to be ‘half-smart’ or ‘full-smart’ keys
    • Half-smart keys require the push of a button to unlock & lock the car (same as remote central locking), but can start the engine by proximity (ie the key is in your pocket/handbag and you have a Push To Start button on your dashboard)
    • Full-smart keys allow both ignition start and unlock/lock of the vehicle by proximity (eg touching the door handle)

We encourage clients to discuss these factors when obtaining a Northside Car Keys quote so you are aware of your options.

FAQ: I’m not in Brisbane – Can this be done remotely?

What about our JLR owners outside Brisbane? We haven’t forgotten about you! We are able to replace JLR keys remotely, however there are some restrictions if our locksmiths cannot be present at the vehicle. Firstly, the car needs to be unlocked for you or your mechanic to access the KVM/RFA module in the car. Once you have access to the KVM or RFA unit, it needs to be removed and sent to us to work on. With the module, we can add in new keys and send your unit + the new keys back to you or your mechanic for installation. Installation requires some equipment that we send out on loan to you, which you can send back after the new keys are working.

As Brisbane’s JLR auto locksmith specialists, we are excited about the prospect of servicing the newest and most stylish Land Rovers and Jaguars. We can finally say ‘yes we can help!’ where previously we have had to bear the bad news of waiting for dealership parts to arrive. Contact us for more info on how we can help you.

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