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About our service

JLR Replacement Keys is a specialised service from the automotive locksmiths at Northside Car Keys based in Brisbane.
We offer replacement smart (proximity) fobs for Land Rover and Jaguar vehicles, and can help you from our Brisbane base no matter where your vehicle is located in Australia.

Our Australia-wide smart fob replacement service suits JLR vehicles when all keys are missing:-

  • All original keys have been lost or stolen
  • All original keys have been damaged or destroyed and no longer work
  • The vehicle has been stolen and recovered, but both keys are still missing

how it works:

2013 LANDROVER RANGE ROVER EVOQUE WAGON Replacement smart fob on dash

why use us?

We can replace your Land Rover or Jaguar smart keys in a fraction of the time the dealership can. Most dealerships will quote an 8-12 week wait for new keys. The wait is so long because they will completely replace your KVM/RFA unit. This means a new unit with two pre-programmed keys will need to be sent over from overseas before being installed in your vehicle.

We beat this by resetting your existing unit instead of replacing it completely. This allows the unit to accept new replacement keys. Once the KVM unit is reinstalled, the replacement keys work straight away. This is exciting because we can have you back up and running in much less time than the dealership, and for a fraction of the cost. We can have your KVM and brand new Genuine smart fobs on their way back to you within 24 hours of receiving it.

We use Genuine JLR keys and can have your Land Rover or Jaguar back on the road at a fraction of the cost and waiting time of the dealer. We think using our service is a no-brainer for JLR owners and mechanics across Australia and beyond. Complete an enquiry form below to get in touch for a quote.

Describes process for replacing smart fobs for JLR vehicles by distance

We won't lie...

This does involve some mechanical stuff. The KVM unit is a small black hardware box located within the working areas of your car. So we recommend talking to your local mechanic about removing the KVM unit from your vehicle. They will be able to disconnect and remove it carefully. We love a sleek Land Rover as much as you do and would hate for something to go wrong before we've even had a chance to help replace your keys and get you moving again. If you're mechanically savvy you may be able to remove the KVM yourself. Just give us a call first for some instructions first.

Display of KVM unit black box

stolen keys

Have the security of knowing that no one else can access your car. If your Land Rover has been stolen and recovered without keys, or your keys themselves have been stolen, we can secure your vehicle by changing (rekying) the physical locks.

Ask your mechanic to remove the door lock on the vehicle and send it to us with the KVM unit. We can rekey it on to a new code and cut your replacement emergency key to match the new combination.

JLR vehicles with smart (prox) or slot keys will usually only have one physical lock located under a dust cap on the driver's door. Older models with a flip key will have an ignition keyway and possibly multiple door locks. We will need all the locks sent to us to change them on to a new key.

Rekeying the vehicle is the best way of securing your car if there are keys unaccounted for. This stops the stolen key from both starting the car and opening the doors.

Please let us know if you need your locks rekeyed when sending your enquiry form for an accurate quote.

Emergency keys

When we send your replacement fobs they will include replacement emergency keys. This is a small metal key located inside your proximity fob or slot key that is used to open your car in case your fob battery runs flat.


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