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Automotive Locksmiths

Welcome to the Northside Car Keys news page. Here we will post articles on topics in automotive locksmithing. We aim to answer your questions about car security, explain common issues that occur with car keys, ignitions and car door keys. We will also discuss and review new products and developments in automotive security. We will share some customer stories and give an insight into the daily life of an automotive locksmith in Brisbane, Australia.

To start, allow us to share a little bit about what it means to be an automotive locksmith.

Often people think of a locksmith as a man cutting keys. Yes, while a locksmith is adept at this, cutting and copying keys it is a small part of what a locksmith does. All locksmiths are trained in replacing locks, installing door furniture, door closers, door repairs and re-keying locks. There are in fact four major areas of knowledge a locksmith can choose to specialise in after completing their four-year apprenticeship. These are Alarm systems, Safework, Master Key systems and Automotive locksmithing, which is the special focus of Northside Car Keys.

Locksmith Specialties

Alarm systems locksmiths are specialists in assessing security needs and designing and installing alarm systems for domestic and commercial purposes. They will work closely with security providers to install monitored alarm systems.

A locksmith specialising in safes are the ones who can not only open locked safes but also advise and install safes to Australian standards. This is a complex and intricate area of locksmithing.

Master Key systems is a rapidly changing specialty for locksmiths. Many businesses nowadays have a master key system to allow business owners to have control over copying of keys and access to business areas. Many master systems are now electronic using swipe cards or fobs.

Automotive locksmithing is a diverse and rapidly changing industry. This specialty involves not only cutting of replacement car keys and spare keys, but also programming the transponder within the head of the key to be recognised by your car’s ECU in order to allow the car to start. This is where making car keys gets interesting. The process of introducing a new key to your car involves programming procedures specific to your make/model/time of manufacture of your vehicle. Since each car manufacturer is different, and the procedures can change up to three times per year of manufacture…there’s a lot for automotive locksmiths to figure out when making a key to your car!

Other services that automotive locksmiths such as Northside Car Keys provide are ignition repairs and car door lock repairs, along with re-keys of car locks and garage door remote programming. We are not restricted to cars either – Northside Car Keys has made keys for motorbikes, trucks, caravans, cranes and even a forklift!

We hope this introduction gives our visitors an overview of locksmithing and the automotive specialty. We intend to post more details about these areas in future, so watch this space! Please feel free to send any questions, inquiries or topics you would like to read more about to us via our Contact Us page.

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